The BioNyfiken NFC/RFID implant project


Background and motivation

The project was founded on the insight that NFC/RFID implants have an increasing potential to serve as a practical user interface between humans and machines as a consequence of the quick spread of cheap and distributed sensors. The technology itself is not new, it has been in use industrially since the 1990s in animals and there are examples of human implantees in the late 1990s. But with the development of NFC compatible smartphones and the ‘internet of things’ there are today a number of concrete user cases where this technology can make everyday activities easier and simpler.

The goal of the project is to create a user community of at least 100 persons with NFC implants who experiment with and help develop possible uses. The implantations are entirely volunteer based and people normally pay for their own implants. As we want participants to feel as part of a community we prefer to do the chip insertions as group events which we call Implant parties. A typical implant party involves between 8-15 implantees and a bit of socialising around the experience. The fast growing implantee community is diverse, involving people of all different ages and professions but many come from hacker- and maker communities and see experimenting with technology as a natural way of life.

The objectives of the project are

– To discover and develop relevant user cases for NFC implants

– To forward the idea that subdermal implants are not only harmless but in fact useful in everyday life

– To change the public perception of smart implants, to make it as normal to have an implant as it is to have other near-body technology such as for example earrings.

– To learn and document how this technology works to help develop new generations of implants with much greater capabilities

– To give external service providers the opportunity to interact with a knowledgeable, highly skilled and visionary group of early adopters

If you are a company or organisation who would want to engage with us in order to arrange workshops or user testing of new products and services we welcome all initiatives that help develop this exciting new ecosystem. Please contact the project coordinator Hannes

The project is only just out of the starting blocks, but a number of exciting ideas and development opportunities have already materialised. We plan to arrange a large event later in 2015 where we hope to present some of the projects and products which emanate from this project as well as give companies and organisation with an interest in this technology an opportunity to exchange ideas further. So stay tuned!